Meet Akiva Medjuck

Ever since Akiva Medjuck experienced the frustrating process of claiming Canadian disability benefits for his loved ones, it’s been his mission to advocate for and assist differently-abled Canadians to get the care they need.

If you asked them – actually, even if you didn’t ask – Akiva’s parents would tell you that by as early as the age of three, his passion has always been helping people. One of Akiva’s first companies, Akiva Furnishings, which was featured on Jay Leno, filled his need as a people person. But Akiva always envisioned greater and larger aspirations for himself, helping more than just furniture-less Canadians in a more significant way.

Three years later, Akiva founded The National Benefit Authority, a service provider specializing in helping people receive the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), a non-refundable tax credit. The DTC acts as a financial and emotional safeguard for Canadian families who find themselves living with a disability.

Through The National Benefit Authority, Akiva’s been able to address the most pressing need in the differently-abled community: money. Akiva knew there were billions of dollars sitting in government coffers instead of reaching the pockets of disabled Canadians in need.